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Sunday, December 26, 2010

On the Backburner - strips and ideas in the closet.

Posting some unfinished strips that I started on way before Malden.

Abandoned Proto-Malden

This was originally what Malden was going to look like, basically something to accompany the podcast/blog site that my friends and I post on.  Its sort of a James Bond/Rambo intro with our character finishing an adventure and getting a call to "bring in the team".  I couldn't figure out what I wanted to happen between our character shooting his M63 and calling in the team.  Back then, creators block tended to plague me (and still does), plus that second unfinished figure kind of discouraged me in my creative processes.

Realistic A-team Malden

Tribute to Old Fashioned Japanese Rubber Suit Heroes

This is a strip for what amounted to a tribute to Japanese style superheroes like Ultraman/Masked Rider/Power Rangers.  Pretty straight forward, and its similar enough to MALDEN now, just with color and a bit more rough "pencils" (just Photoshop really).  I can't remember why I didn't finish this.  I think it was another case of real life responsiblities pushing into my free time.

Action and punches through torsos.

Felt like sharing, but maybe now I'll finish these up for later.  Hmmm.

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