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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Phone Sketches - How to keep the edge in drawing anywhere or anyplace.

Since I'm drawing a comic strip and managing a drawing group, I felt I should give drawing on touch screen devices (ipad, Iphone, Android) a try.  I've found that its a good way to do "napkin doodles" and also has the plus of not forgetting said napkin when you leave the diner.

You can find good free and pay apps for drawing.  I recommend Sketchbook Mobile if you have the cash (available on both IOS and Android), but there are some good alternatives such as Layerpaint (sort of a light version of MangaStudio for Android phones), Canvas Pro (a independent Drawing app on Android), and Brushes for iOS(with its own demos on youtube).

Each have there stregnths, though I now use Sketchbook Mobile exclusively since its similar to my workflow in Sketchbook Pro 2011.

Anyway enough talk, here are some sketches done on my iPod touch and HTC Incredible.

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