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Monday, March 14, 2011

0035 - "Whoa" .... also REMIND guest story.

So we're up to 35 pages.  Excellent.  Now I just need to finish this sucker up.

Starting this week, I and a literal pantheon of 8 other webcomickers contributed to a guest story, written by Chris Wrann, for Jason Brubaker's REMIND titled "BRAN-JAR'S STORY".  The story will be running for the next 2 months starting today.  Here are the big names:

Aviv Itzcovitz:

Daniel Lieske:

Jim Francis:

Joost Haakman:

Kim Ku:

Mathieu Moyen:

Christopher Wrann:

Sarah Ellerton:

Make sure to visit REMIND to read the story, and to add all of these good folks to your rss/bookmarks.  Also, I need the browny points.

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