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Monday, April 18, 2011

0040 - "Bad Peter! BAD!"

Just so everyone knows, Casey is not nearly this crazy in real life.  I think.  I'll have to check.  But remember, bad milk doesn't make you go crazy. It'll give you food poisoning.

Had a great time at Stumptown Comic Fest.  Exchanged a bunch of business cards to folks at the con, got a quick critique from Steve Lieber of WHITEOUT and Underground fame and Scott Kurtz of PVP.  Was happy to see they liked looking at MALDEN, so that made my day.

Finished off Sunday with 2 panels.  Selling your own damn Comics with Joe Keatinge (writer of Brutal/editor of PopGun) and Sneaking Into Comics with Joe Keatinge, Joshua Williamson (Writer at Marvel Comics), Nate Simpson (Creator of Nonplayer and signed my copy with a River Dancing Veritech), John Schork (submissions Editor for Dark Horse Comics) Lukas Ketner (artist for the upcoming Witch Doctor from Image) and Brandon Seifert (writer on Witch Doctor).  Very informative panels and a bit of a reality check in what to goes into being successful in comics.

Also, Bran-Jar's Story is still going on at REMIND.  This week's page is by Joost Haakman of Semmie the Forestgnome.

Also, don't forget to visit these good folks who contributed to Bran-Jar's Story:


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