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Friday, April 22, 2011

Poll: Regarding online reading format.

Hi Maldenites (Maldeneers?)!  As you can see, I've been tinkering with the site design.  Since blogger doesn't have a Comicpress style template, I usually use Issuu/scribd applets so folks can read Malden without moving around the site too much.

Good for the reader, bad for my page hits.  This isn't all that bad, but I notice no body ever leaves a comment.  Comments are probably the biggest thing that let me know that you, the reader, enjoy MALDEN (or hate it, whatever works).  So I've put up a poll.  Its on the left sidebar.

I want to know how you, the reader, would prefer to read MALDEN.  Do you like reading in the Applets?  Like clicking on the thumbnails to get the HD sizes?  Or would you prefer a Comicpress reading experience?

Let your voice be heard.  VOTE!

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Bradlez92 said...

Idealy, I'd like it to be like everything else. Comicpress (whatever that is) as you say. But if Blogspot doesn't offer it, I'd be quite happy with thumbnails. The flash viewer is a pain in the ASS.

And I sorta dig Malden in black and white, but that's just me.

Keep it up! Love your stuff.

Peter Hon said...

Its actually the reason why I put the Comicpress option in the poll. I'm thinking of moving MALDEN to comic press, but that takes time for me to figure out. Basically time that could be used on the next comic strip/page.

The Wordpress and Blogger editors don't share the same structure, it would be like learning Esperanto when I've been studying Japanese. Its doable, but the comic will have to be on hold for a bit while I rebuild everything.

Peter Hon said...

I've resetted the poll, only because I want to get 100% preference.

Bradlez92, if you're still cool with clicking on thumbnails, you can vote for it,. But if you REALLY want a ComicPress style reading experience, now is the time to just hammer that into me.